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MMA and the Iraq War

I’m not a big fight fan. I’ve never taken any martial arts classes. I don’t have anything against these disciplines/sport, they’ve just never captured my attention. But this weekend I was invited by some friends to attend the World Combat Leaguechampionship here in Tulsa on Saturday night. Man talk about some really impressive athletes. These guys and gals go one round for 3 minutes and you get docked points for holding and passivity. Basically what that translates to is you gotta fight. If you didn’t know the WCL was started by this guy, and he was there at the arena and I survived! After awhile I got the feeling that the whole affair was somewhat a waste. I mean these fighters are really good at what they do and obviously very dedicated to their sport. But it felt like…what’s the point? Sportsmanship is very much a foundation of the WCL so there isn’t smack talking. The fighters aren’t trying to kill each other and they respectfully bump fists before and after each match even if one of them gets completely KO’d. So here’s my thought. Let’s challenge all the terrorist organizations to an MMA match. It will be the ultimate showdown and the winner gets world domination. If we want to mix religion into then we could do that as well and probably sell even more tickets. The proceeds could go to a worthy cause like humanitarian relief for Burma (if they would accept it).

I think life is very much the same. We get really good at what we do and spend our time and energy utilizing those gifts and talents for things that, in the bigger picture, really don’t add up to a whole lot. The bottom line is that regardless of where you or I or anyone else are at in our station of life. We can always be striving for a greater good. As a Christian I am committed to living my life as best I can to the fullest doing what God has called me to. I’m also the last person qualified to even post about this because I have so far to go. So today I have committed myself to engaging my community at a whole new level. Today is just a start that I hope and pray will radically affect me, my family, my church and my community.

So what are you doing? No. For real what are you doing to keep pushing yourself?


2 responses

  1. mimi

    okay, so this sounds like a very small thing, but I am going to start inviting one neighbor a week over for dessert and to just hang out on the back porch and get to know each other better….looking forward to hearing other peoples ideas.

    June 11, 2008 at 6:57 pm

  2. kenyongerbrandt

    Thanks Mimi…that is a great idea…keep us updated on how its working.

    June 11, 2008 at 9:39 pm

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