Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Blahginess!

Getting smart with kung fu panda’s.


Saturday night my wife and I did something we have never done together. (No not that…) We went here and thanks to this person we got to go in her topless Jeep. (I know this post is getting really risque.) It was a perfect night and when you go to the Admiral Twin it is always a double feature so we saw Get Smart followed by Kung Fu Panda. They were both pretty funny. I’m a big Steve Carrell and Jack Black fan so I was yucking it up til the wee hours in the morning.

The whole night was perfect. The moon came up as we were watching the movies. I saw a shooting star. The temperature was set just right. My wife and I had a wonderful time together.

It had been a real long time since I’d been to a drive in movie. I don’t know if you have ever been, but man people come really prepared. A lot of the vehicles were pick ups that would back in and people would sit in the bed. Some had gotten really elaborate with chairs and pillows and we even saw some folks with a couple of cots. (Not sure how much of the movies they actually saw.) But it felt like one of those spontaneous communities that just erupts from out of nowhere. It was definitely a lot of fun to just sit and watch people.

As the Mission Pastor at The Heart I feel like I am always talking about community. As if I keep talking about it somehow its just going to magically show up and happen. Obviously, everyone at the drive in was there for the same purpose: to watch a couple of movies. But yet there was a lot of mingling and sharing and hanging out going on as well. The owners of the theater weren’t up front spewing out a bunch of programming notes about cool new services that they were offering to encourage community. It just happened.

What can a church learn from this? Do we sometimes get so excited about creating community that we actually hinder it? What have been some good examples of community for you?


2 responses

  1. The best way to create community is to have a crisis but we can’t create those. 🙂 Or probably shouldn’t. This question frustrates me to death because I LOVE community and everyone talks about it but no one really does it. So I guess I don’t have any answers for you.

    June 24, 2008 at 9:09 pm

  2. scootergirl1978

    this is a good question without an easy answer. I will have to ponder this. Good post though, thanks for making me think 🙂

    June 26, 2008 at 9:09 pm

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