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Jesus listens to Techno music.

I am a big fan of the artist Andy Hunter. Yes my allegiance dates back to his first album Exodus back in 2002. I have a lot of friends and family who scoff at the thought of “Christian techno music” and by most accounts I agree. But today I ran across this interview with Andy Hunter and I thought what he had to say about his faith and how that impacts his music was really good.

SSv: “Technicolour” is stellar club music. Where did the inspiration for that song come from?

Hunter: “Technicolour” is really about a relationship, and for me it’s about my faith and my relationship with God, you know, something that really pours into the black and white areas of my life. And I really wanted that to shine through and thank God for just coming in and making everything Technicolor. You know, this whole theme of thinking back to the early days when you had black and white TVs and [Affecting his best TV announcer voice] “Now in Technicolor,” kind of came along and what an experience that would be to suddenly see black and white TV turn into color. It would just be quite an incredible experience.

And I was thinking as well about sound and music and how we used to have mono recordings and then all of a sudden you’ve got stereo, [Announcer voice again.] “Now in stereo!” So I was thinking a lot on those sort of lines of how I feel that my faith has really made my life “in stereo” and “now in Technicolor,” and really tried to capture those particular feelings in my music.

I can really identify with his way of thinking. Yesterday I got a bit emo but I think what Andy has said here is a great summary to the question of where are you headed. I want to live a life that can be played back in stereo or even better 7.1 surround with a high-definition image. Every detail beautiful in it’s own right. Every sound reflective of what is going on. Life in a full experience. Thanks Andy for your words and for sharing your talents in a way that helps me better understand myself and the world I live in.

What artists impact you? What imagery do you use to think about life?


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