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Haircuts and job interviews.

Ok. So today I have decided to write about something I have absolutely no clue about. How is this different than most other days? I’m not really sure other than I really, really, have no clue of what I’m talking about.

But, it’s fun.

Everyone goes through a time in their life when they consider a job or career change. And as I grow older and wiser I am becoming more aware of how the world works. For example, certain haircuts are required for certain jobs. If you don’t know this then there is a very good chance you are currently unemployed. If you are employed and don’t know this, then consider yourself lucky and don’t quit your job, yet.

1. Strength/Conditioning Coach


The crew cut. Need I say more. I mean if you walk into a gym or a school to interview for a strength or conditioning coaches position one look at you in this haircut and you are hired.

2. Pastor/Evangelist

I know this is too easy. But let’s face it, if you want to be a pastor or evangelist you gotta look the part. As a side note, the bigger the hair the more likely you are to be on TV. And we know that all the really good pastors/evangelists are on TV.

3. Supermodel

To be a real supermodel it takes way more than looks and a body. You have to combine those things with the right haircut. In fact, after watching several seasons of America’s Next Top Model I have come to the conclusion that in actuality it is the right haircut that can get you the job and not necessarily the look. How shallow? To think you had to look a certain way to be a supermodel? It’s all in the haircut folks.

4. Teacher

Everyone knows that our education system is in crisis and that there simply are not enough teachers. I think the real problem lies in haircuts. Teachers now days are trying to be all trendy with their hair and are either losing their jobs or not getting hired. Come on people think! It’s not that complicated; get a haircut, get a job.

5. Sanitation Worker.

The shaved head with tattoo look is both functional and required for the sanitation worker. I can easily list a myriad of health concerns that necessitate a shaved head. Ironic that by shaving the head you are also required to have at least one tattoo scrolled on your noggin’.

I know that there are many more jobs out there, but this is a start. So if you are struggling to find good work in a difficult economy here is a great place to start.


One response

  1. mimi

    and…….what kind of hair cut does one need to have your job???

    July 16, 2008 at 5:08 pm

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