Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Blahginess!


Security is feeling secure enough to do or try something that might be risky. It is interesting how the human psyche protects most of us from doing things that are really dangerous or life threatening. But there is also something to attempting risk. Without risk there is no reward. What is the reward for a safe and secure life? Without risk there is no possibility for return. The greater the risk usually the greater the reward. Think of a business or a relationship or even some example of human achievement. All require some risk and usually the greater the risk the greater the achievement, etc…

I’ve seen this at work in my own life. In my marriage the more risk I take in revealing my true self to my wife the deeper our relationship grows. In my relationship with God. The more I am willing to set aside the things I think are important and just be in tune with what God is doing the more fulfilling and rewarding my life becomes. In relationships with other people. The more I make myself vulnerable to them the more I can experience life with others regardless of their situation.

What is your approach to risk management? Where do you need to take more risk?


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