Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Blahginess!


Where have you been? A common question when someone you are accustomed to seeing shows back up after a time of being gone. It’s funny for me to think about how this question is asked. At least from my perspective. Often it comes out as an accusation. WHERE have you been? or Where have YOU been? It’s like when I was a child at the store with my mom. My younger brother and I would be playing in and out of the racks of clothing using them as forts. We’d get so caught up in our little game that we would lose sight of mom and then we’d look at each other and start running around yelling “Mom!” “Mom!”. Usually she would still be pretty close and say something like “Over here boys. You need to quit playing in those racks and stay with me.” And then there were the times that she would be a little further away and it would take us longer to find her and she would realize that we were not there putting her in a panic as well. And of course the reunion, that bitter mix of joy and fear, would usually begin with “WHERE have you been?”

I want to be a good friend, a good husband, a good father. But sometimes I approach these relationships like they owe me something. When they aren’t around or maybe even doing the things I think they should be I’ll ask: “WHERE have you been?” or “WHAT are you doing?”

It has been a long and busy two weeks for me running at 150% or so it seems. Work. School. Extra jobs. Church. All of it adding up to time that I could not afford to give to you…my online friends. I am sorry, but I am glad to be back. What have you been up to?

P.S. Please don’t take the content of this post as any kind of signal regarding things that I am feeling from you, my online audience, I am simply voicing some thoughts I had while reflecting upon my online absence.


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