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Young, Loud and Proud

I’m sitting here in the Fireside Lounge on campus between classes. I came to this sanctuary to catch up on emails, read some killer blogs and just listen to some music. Well, actually music wasn’t part of the plan until I couldn’t help myself from evesdropping on the conversation of two young ladies behind me. (Yes, I am afraid that they are looking over my shoulder right now watching me type this out!) As if hearing about their underage drunken exploits were not enough they have now attracted a larger, louder group. So i have been formulating in my mind a conversation involving me (an adult) and them (just young’uns). But as I play out the conversation I realize that I am only talking to myself when I was their age. Believe it or not, I was the loud, obnoxious type in college.

Just this week an old college friend posted video of some college pranks and seeing some friends as they were as freshman and sophomores is sad and depressing. But why? Is is the realization that our behavior then was immature? Or is it the thought that the time passes so quickly?

Here’s my question:

How do we balance the brevity of life with enjoying it and getting the most out of it?

It seems that we spend alot of time and energy trying to make rules for young people to live by and all the while warning them to enjoy their youth because it will soon be gone. I’m not at all for promoting illegal behavior, but really, how much unnecessary stress do we put ourselves under trying to control and dictate?

I’m also asking myself this as a parent…


One response

  1. mimi

    man, i would sure like to know the answer to this one. i of course would love it if I could eat whatever i wanted, spend my money and time however i wanted, but I know that it is just not true. what i do today determines my tomorrow…..therefore the rules and restrictions remain, because without them i really wouldn’t enjoy tomorrow very much. DANG! am i over 30 or what…so responsible.:)

    September 16, 2008 at 8:50 pm

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