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Home School v. Public School

There’s a guy that I respect a lot who has posted recently why in his opinion home school is better than public school. I feel that these issues must always be dealt with from a balance point of view, so I have created my own list of reasons why public school is better than home school.

  1. Public school children don’t always make you feel so ignorant with their robotic knowledge of obscure facts.
  2. Public school children know how to conduct themselves with very little sleep. (Especially useful once the child begins to attend sleepovers, camps, etc…)
  3. Public school children tend to lack decisiveness because they have been trained to weigh EVERYONE’s opinion and not to leave anyone out.
  4. Public school children tend to be short but not necessarily to the point.

I went to public school.

(Please note that this is all in fun and that I am not a Democrat…I don’t think…unless it offends someone.)


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