Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Blahginess!

Expanding my family.

Adoption. I have friends who have adopted children and I have thought to myself, “How cool.” I’ve read about the spiritual application of adoption. The fact that in essence we are all lost children who have the option of being adopted by a loving and caring God. Tonight it all came together for me and my “family”. We decided to catch Shaun Grovesin concert tonight. I guess I should say I saw my brother in concert tonight. He talked   about the fact that as Christians we are all brothers and sisters. He even made us act like it for a little while as we prayed for each other. My brother also hit me upside the head with some truth. Truth about who I am and who God is and why he sacrificed his son to an offensive and undeserving death. It’s the kind of truth that really as family we should be challenging each other with. I’ve gotten to know Shaun’s heart through his blog over the past few months and tonight it was all confirmed and I really, really got a lot out of it. And it wasn’t all just about me. You see our family decided to sponsor a child tonight as well. So yeah, we have another addition here at the Gerbrandt house. Her name is Gaymae. She is a beautiful little girl from Ghana. We haven’t officially met yet, but she is already impacting our lives. As Shaun was making his pitch for Compassion I asked my daughter (scratch that, my other daughter) if she would be willing to help make this happen (it costs $32 a month to sponsor a child through Compassion Internationl) and she excitedly shook her head. She heard the same thing I did tonight. We are saved and blessed so that we can save and bless others.

I’m so glad that my family is growing. There is so much need in this world I could really use the support!

How’s your family life?

PS I know some folks are offended by the Simpson’s and I understand that, but I just want to be honest here that sometimes as a family we (Christians) can be just as dysfunctional as everyone else.


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