Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Blahginess!


My wife is all into math right now. Well she is taking a college algebra class and frankly I can’t help her with the stuff she is working on. Honestly it’s sick. Quadratic equations. Radical denominators. You know I think in the next presidential election we should require all the candidates to solve at least one equation during a debate or something.

Well today I made up my own equations. These are easy. Won’t you join me in solving these equations?

Me X $5 = $5

Me+ You X $5 = $10

Me + You + Everybody else X $10 = 50,000 shoes

Talk about some crazy math. Today I want to highlight Soles4Souls. It’s this crazy little organization led by a crazy big movement to changes people’s lives through the gift of shoes. Five bucks is all it takes to donate two pairs of shoes. Again, crazy math, but it works. The goal is 50,000 pairs of shoes in 50 days. Now that is what I call some, you guessed it, crazy math. I have already donated a mere $5 just this morning to this cause and chances are today already you might have heard something about this. Well this is another reminder. Go over to Soles4Soulsand donate some money to change someones life. Oh yeah, btw, if you donate some money they will put your name in a drawing to possibly win a trip to Mexico and deliver the shoes in person! Once again, crazy math. The bottom line though…no equation is complete without YOU!


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