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Dear Longhorn Fan,

I am a Sooner fan and let me start by saying “Sorry”. I don’t want to take anything away from the accomplishments of the OU football team this season. They truly are a great team and have demonstrated so consistently since “the loss”. I’m not here to make excuses for that one game. I know that most recognize we were one ACL injury away from perhaps winning that game, but that is exactly why we play the games. Right? I mean you all were one interception from making this whole BCMess irrelevant.

I have to admit that it just doesn’t feel right. Getting to play for the Big 12 championship the way that we do. Certainly this isn’t the first time OU’s football program has forced BCMess related changes. Yes, it does feel like everyone hates us for being beautiful. Rest assured everyone knew the rules of the game at the start of the season so to groan and moan about how things are…it’s a tad late for that. In fact, it only serves to heighten the justice of OU getting in. But have patience and know that things will work themselves out and at least be thankful that you aren’t from Lubbock and about to be snubbed for having a franchise year. (We all can agree on that can’t we?)

I won’t presume that OU will win the Big 12 at this point. That is a caution that I have learned over the last few years as an OU fan in the postseason. But should we go on to defeat Missouri and play for the BCS championship and even win that you can be rest assured that you have the distinction of being the only team to beat the national champs.

How’s that for consolation?


One response

  1. scootergirl1978

    All I have to say is…….BOOMER SOONER!!!!!!

    December 4, 2008 at 8:39 pm

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