Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Blahginess!

Head Games.

Head’s up! This post is strictly noggin related. So all adjectives, analogies and similes will be cranium connected. Well maybe not. I don’t think I can keep this pace up much longer.

This morning I read through Ephesians 6. Love this stuff. There has been a theme that God has been working on with me for the past couple of months. The idea of power. So reading through the 6th chapter of Ephesians brought me to the section on the armor of God (vv. 10-18 ) Essentially, Paul gives us a practical guide on how to live in the Spirit and not the flesh (wish I had run across this before preaching this past Sunday). When it comes to protecting our heads Paul gives the example of the Helmet of Salvation. As a kid I had some bad haircuts growing up and so helmet head references still sting a little. But this is a good thought now. In fact today it dawned on me. When Paul is talking about the helmet of salvation he is not simply referring to the one time decision we make when we accept Jesus as our Lord. I believe that this is a continual reminder of what God has done for us through the sacrifice of his Son on the Cross. You see, when I forget or don’t think about what God has saved me from and what he has saved me for I get lazy and bored. Essentially purpose is removed from vision. Sure there are goals and personal aspirations, but they are so fleeting and short term. God’s purposes sustain me and give me a more selfless outlook.

So today as I prepare for battle and put on my helmet of salvation I am doing so in remembrance of what God has done for me.

How’s your head feelin’?


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