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Answering the BIG QUESTION

So last week I posted a question about God’s blessing in our lives. It stimulated some very helpful discussion and I have continued to process and think about this question. How much of what I do determines how much God blesses me? As I thought about it I went to Matthew 5 and the Sermon on the Mount and specifically The Beatitudes. The word blessed according to Strong’s translates as happy. But I found this definition lacking because I can be blessed but not feel happy. According to D. A. Carson in Gaebelelien’s Expositor’s Commentary on Matthew (half the audience probably just checked out), the reason that happy is lacking is because the word is not expressing some inward feeling but rather the fact that from another point of view we have received favor from God. So to start off, blessing is in essence favor from God that then results in happiness in the soul’s of those who have received this blessing. Of course, God’s blessing are manifest in many ways, but most importantly by the fact that God has reached out to us as his most prized creation and made a way for us to experience a relationship with him daily through his son Jesus Christ.

That is the epitome of blessing as if it weren’t enough there is so much more that God blesses us with. The Church, a community of believers who we walk with and praise God with and help each other. The institutions ordained by God like the family and government even the economy. And of course all the prized material possessions that we as humans have the opportunity to experience while here on earth. There is so much more though. All good things come from God and are his blessings to us.

So how does this help to answer the question? I believe that it does in fact start with our belief. What do we believe about God and what he has done for us? But out of that belief we must act. You cannot separate belief and activity. But it does START with belief. So that’s where I am at for now. But I’d love to hear what others think too.


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