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Craigslist Update 5/18/09

Ok. Well it seems that perhaps all the hoopla related to Craiglist announcement last week that they were going to pull their “erotic services” postings was not fully understood by myself. Based upon a review from my lovely wife who often will “take one for the team” when it comes to the internet all they have done is renamed the postings. Rather than being listed as “erotic services” they are now listed as “adult services”. Now before I completely retract all my praise for Craigslist, they (website administrators) are reviewing AND removing blatant prostitution postings. Now I’m not dumb, I know that most women will post as providing “full body massage” or “body to body massage” services. I am still very pleased that Craigslist is taking a step in the right (and legal) direction and will continue to use the service.


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