Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Blahginess!

The Trouble With Sin

Sin is anything that separates us from God. Right? Is there a name for the acts or things that we do to make us right with God? No. Because what we do doesn’t determine who we are before God (except when it comes to sin). It is faith that is credited to us as humans. So what’s my trouble with sin? Well primarily that sin is something that I do. Sin is so easy to spot. And it seems that the more I recognize sin the harder it becomes to stand up to it. Later in Romans chapter 7 there is this fantastic summary of how this principle works. Paul, a man everyone recognizes as a great apostle of God, records in detail how even he spiraled through this cycle of sin. We come to recognize that the things we are doing are not at all what we want to be doing. Rather than stopping it seems that the desire grows even greater. The realization is that sin is something far greater than a simple act. Sin is something that is so deeply woven into the deepest parts of our being that deliverance can only come by faith. To try and limit sin through outward actions is like battling icebergs with an ice pick.

My conclusion is the same as Paul’s: Thank God for Jesus Christ and his grace!

What thoughts do you have about sin?


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