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Father’s Day Part 2

So it was indeed a grand day. Perhaps one of the bestthe second best of 2009 so far (there was that flyfishing trip to Taneycomo back in May).  Of course, the day started like most Sundays for me. Off early to the church to set up and prep for the morning service. Service went well. Eve helped me on stage raffle off some prizes to the father’s at church that morning. (I’ll post that video later). So after church we had lunch, the place of choice was up to me so I chose a taco stand. You know those trailers/trucks that pull up on some corner lot and park serving tortas and tacos? Never had one and we found one at 31st and Garnett. Father’s Day special: Taco’s $1 each. So I ordered three. Didn’t realize how small they were, but delicious! Definitely going back that route sometime. Then we got home and they had made a banner and hung it on the garage door. Felt like I’d just come home from war or something. Blew me away! Inside on the kitchen table was waiting for me a sunday paper and a gift basket. Inside the basket: 1 20oz Dr. Pepper, 1 copy of The Dark Knight, 1 bag of David’s Jalapeno Salsa Seeds, 1 “Learn French” CD, 1 decopauge rock made by Eve at VBS, and the basket itself was decorated by Eve with all kinds of wonderful sayings and scriptures. Then I got a call from my friend Jeremy and we decided to go play disc golf at Riverside Park (41st street). It was SOOOOOOOOO hot! But we had a great time nonetheless. Then back home in time for dinner ordered from Marco’s Pizza (this pizza is totally off the hook!).

It was a perfect day! I love being a dad to the best little girl in the world! I love being married to her mom!

How was your father’s day?


One response

  1. Missy

    Well thanks. I am so glad you had a good day. You set the bar pretty high on mother’s day so I was concerned.

    June 23, 2009 at 10:37 am

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