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Don’t Waste Your Life

Took the family down to OKC to see live and in person the Don’t Waste Your Life tour. (You can find all the details here.) Awesome concert. I had heard Lecrea’s song Don’t Waste Your Life on another website and eventually ended up downloading the entire Rebel album from iTunes. Then my daughter got hold of it and asked if I could burn a copy of the CD for her to listen to in her room. The lyrics, on EVERY song, are solid. In fact, the concert left an impression on me that I hope won’t soon wear off. 2 maybe 3 times during the concert they stopped the music in the middle of a song and reiterated that they were not rap stars and that they were not there to exalt themselves, but they were there only to bring glory to Jesus Christ. The reason they stopped to say this? Because there was a group of young girls up front who would scream at the top of their lungs anytime one of the artists would lean over them or come close. Why was this so impressive to me? 1. I’ve seen this behavior at other Christian concerts before and I’ve never seen the artist stop to address it for what it was. 2. All these artist rap about Jesus being first and only in their lives…AND THEY LIVE IT! At times I felt like I was at a rap concert put on by seminary professors because of the depth of their words.

These guys are gifted. They are leaders. They are focused on Christ. And it all came together for a powerful night.


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