Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Blahginess!

Drinking the Kool Aid.

Even though today is Free Tea Day at your local McAlister’s Deli I chose to drink the Kool Aid. Not just sip it but tip the jug and chug! For me drinking the Kool Aid is reading the latest news about controversial events or reading all the blog posts about what’s right and wrong with the Church.

It gets my blood pumping.

It focuses my mind.

It makes me feel engaged and intellectual.

The end result though is devastating. I get mad. I think I’ve got all the answers. My spirit rises on the wings of my arrogant thoughts and knowledge. I have to remind myself that our battle is not against flesh and blood. I’ve got to focus the battle against me. Not the events and news happening 1000 miles away. Not the rantings of some anonymous or not so anonymous blogger. Its me and every selfish desire that places me above all else. The cure is not blissful ignorance (I will still be keeping up on current events, probably cutting back on the number of blogs I read though). The cure, I think, for me is to slow down. Think more. Talk less. Respond less. I don’t know.

What Kool Aid have you been drinking lately? What’s your cure?


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