Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Blahginess!


Went fishing for a little bit yesterday afternoon. It was a lot of fun as the fish were biting. Most of them would barely qualify as minnows. It was interesting to watch as I would pull my topwater fly in fish would inevitably come to the surface and take a bite. Sure enough I would set the hook and the game was on (for me). The fish would desperately do everything they could in their power to head back to deeper and safer water. But it was too late. Next thing they knew they were gasping for air on the bank of the pond as I would remove the hook from their mouth. Fortunately for them I let everyone of them go back to the water. No keepers. It wasn’t my intent. As far as I know all the fish survived despite their rude awakening.

It really got me thinking about us as humans and sin. We get “lured” away by enticing and seemingly innocent things. It could be a TV show or an innocent relationship, but then SNAP! Just like that we are hooked. What appeared to be innocent and ok at the time was really a trap or a deception. We think we can handle it or Satan places something in front of us and we get hooked. Next thing we know we are gasping for air as our lives are crumbling and tumbling all around us.

Jesus told us to be “as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” We want to believe that we have what it takes to withstand any temptation. We want to believe that on our own we can avoid most if not all trouble in life. We want to believe that our struggles are the result of us being innocent victims of some cosmic tragedy. The reality is that we are the ones to blame. We are the ones who took the bait. We are the ones who got hooked and it is only by staying in the power of Jesus and His Spirit that keeps us safe from those lures.

What’s got you hooked? What lures do you fall for most?


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