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Choking on Coaching

I read this post from Catalyst as it crossed my twitter feed the other day.

It's interesting as I have seen a couple of these coaching networks start over the last few months. I have even considered and applied for a couple of them. They all have some things in common. 1. They typically involve a "personality". This person or persons becomes the "selling" point of the coaching network. 2. They typically involve a price. Often a very high price. One charges about $1200 plus you have to travel to the southeast US at your expense for the "mandatory" monthly meetings. I understand that basically you are paying for face time with the "personality". (It kind of cracks me up because most of them will tell you that it's not about them its just the cost of doing business.)  Inherently I see some dangers with this. 1. It continues to promote and elevate "personalities" over content. Granted I've never fully participated in a coaching network like those advertised here, but even with limited enrollment you probably only get an hour a month face to face and even that may be with several others present. Given the already busy schedules of these "personalities" my guess is that most of the time is spent covering material already printed in a book or presented in another conference presentation. (They all advertise a Q&A session as it seems to be the magic piece.)

I have taught in a community college for the last 5 years and so I know that in any learning environment the attitude and perspective of the student is just as important as the information presented by the teacher. There must be both a desire and humility to learn. I also have learned from some of those specifically mentioned in the Catalyst posting.


I have a question. What if coaching networks didn't charge?


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