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A Day of Infamy

Today is a day that lives on in infamy for us as Americans. The infamy of that moment 68 years ago has faded some as we have been attacked once more since that time (September 11, 2001). The invasion of Pearl Harbor was a momentous occasion. Not just because it dragged a sleeping giant off to global war, but because after that war our countries position in the world was radically altered. At the close of World War 2 we literally were the last ones standing. The only ones left to oppose the rising threat of communism. American president’s from Truman forward all defended the continued need for American engagement on a global basis. Some argued better than others, but Democrat and Republican all sought to use American influence to save the world from the evils of communism. It is no secret that communism lost that war. Certainly communism is not dead, but it has been largely tamed by the capitalist beast known as the United States.

Today is important for us to reflect back not just on the events of December 7, 1941 but for us to also reflect upon the importance of a globally engaged force of freedom and democracy. I know. I know. America is a terrible nation. Look at all the devastation and harm we are responsible for. Helping to defend freedom. Promoting democracy. Despite the many good things we have accomplished on a global scale there is a growing sense of weariness among Americans. A recent article touted the fact that Americans are returning to isolationist roots. I’m not advocating the unabashed use of American military power on a global scale. I’m more concerned that in a down economy during a time of year that everyone is focused upon feeding the materialistic needs of their closest acquaintances our stamina and resolve for global involvement and perspective are fading fast.

In 1941 most American’s were taken off guard by the impressive show of Japanese military might. The same was true in 2001 as terrorist re awoke us to the fact that there is the need for a moral and democratic movement around the world. How many more times will we have to relearn this lesson?

What can you do?

Get informed. News (particularly global news) is way to accessible nowadays. There is no excuse for any American to not know what’s going on around the world. Even in Timbuktu.

Get involved. There are so many organizations focused on harnessing American wealth, ingenuity, resources, you name it to make a positive impact on a global scale.

So hop to it skippy…and my we all remember the infamy of ignorance and indifference especially on a global scale.


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