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Niger Day 2

This is a continuation of posts from my journal kept while in Niger January 26th through February 5th 2010.


Exhausted. Excited. Full. Hopeful. Anticipating.

I learned so much about what God is doing here. The solar panels from Sarando were stolen and we spent the day working that issue, but also witnessing and sharing Christ by sitting and talking. It’s still about relationships. It was a caper though. Traveling with Yacouba and the village chief from Sarando. We went to the suspects house and took all his stuff. Then we were told to take them back to his house (the police felt it would be more likely that he would return and then could be arrested). Through this process I met a lot of folks and heard a lot of  conversations that I did not understand. (Including telling one gendarmes that “I don’t talk” when I thought I told him “I don’t understand”. Talk about incriminating!) I wish sometimes that I could just know what is being said. Maybe I need to learn djerma? Add it to the list!

Kenny went with the drill team and it was crazy. They all came back SOAKED! Head to toe. Water and mud. It was quite an experience, but Kenny loved it, I think.

Hailey is getting started. Tomorrow is comes together for her.

Tricia is getting familiar with everything. Not sure exactly where to step in but open and ready.


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