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Niger Trip Day 3

This is a continuation of posts from my journal kept while in Niger January 26th through February 5th 2010.

We toured the Project Oasis site with another group from America today. I got mad at what seemed like insensitive and arrogant thinking. As we drove to one of the missionaries house after dropping the group off I observed Yacouba and the missionary celebrating and praising God for the opportunity to share the vision God’s given them for this project. Then I read the intro to McManus’ Soul Craving and it hit me. My soul is cynical and bitter. I doubt. I fear. I despair.

Lord, please awaken my soul!

I feel so weird that I haven’t even been out with the drill team yet, but I can see more clearly what God may be calling me to. Today we will find out more. I am thinking about this video for Project Oasis. It will be a big project, but potentially an important instrument to spread the vision.

God cover us all!

Included in the entry from that day:

gas = $4.28/gl diesel $4.16/gl


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