Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Blahginess!

And the crowd goes wild!!!

Have you ever heard the roar of the crowd? Has the roar of the crowd ever been for you? It is a powerful moment regardless of the size of the crowd.

I would not classify myself as an athlete, but I did run cross country in college. I was an average runner with average results, usually finishing well within the back to middle half of the pack. In three years competing I had one top ten finish. It was a competition hosted on our campus and it coincided with homecoming week. The best part was the very partisan crowd. The only time in my cross country career, the crowd was cheering for our team. It’s one thing to perform for a crowd, and certainly many of our other meets generated much larger crowds, but the home crowd yelling and getting insane for you–that’s inspiring! I ran my personal best time that day and finished 10th. It’s the only medal I have from college competition.

Being surrounded by people cheering you along the way pushes you beyond your limits. I’m in the midst of one of the biggest challenges I have ever faced in my life. Despite the odds and the difficulties I have surrounded myself with a few people who are cheering me on. They push me beyond my limits. They inspire me to work harder and focus more clearly. Sure I might be able to pull this off without them, but I can’t imagine how.

The best part of all this is the celebrations. Every obstacle hurdled. Every milestone passed. Then the finish line…reminds me of an image painted in an ancient book


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