Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Blahginess!

Sierra Leone 2

The Primer Construction Institute (PCI) is wrapping up. Hard to believe that we have already been here 1 week! I’m tired. It’s very warm and humid. I love every minute of it! With the end of PCI I have captured approximately 36 hours of footage at around 150 GB. (These are all rough estimates and my brain is not up to the task of figuring the actual numbers.) For the past week we have been meeting for 8 hours of classroom instruction. Laying the foundation for the next phase which begins on Monday.

You can sense the change as we begin transitioning from theory to practice. I’m excited as I now shift from instructional style filming to more of a documentary style.

With each day I am learning the value of literacy for this country. Not just in terms of social development, but for the advancement of the Gospel. The other day we interviewed the President of the Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone. Through our conversation he apologized for not making literacy a higher priority and committed to involve himself and his office more in this effort. He recognized the value for the church in guarding against syncretism as well as involving the church on the frontlines of community development.


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