Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Blahginess!

Sierra Leone 3

We are 4 days into primer construction. It is exhausting work. The process is so tedious. A very careful accounting of each word and letter used in every lesson must be kept. It is repeated over and over; “Our job is hard so that it is easy for the new reader.” You can see it at the end of the day in the participant’s eyes. They are tired and often frustrated by the work. This is nothing to say of the artist who is tasked with drawing over 120 images for the 4 primers that will be written, an almost incalculable number of hours over the course of two weeks.

I’m reminded today of the approximately 3.5 million Sierra Leoneans who can’t read or write. Their futures are getting a little brighter each day we work. The Gospel is within reach with each new lesson. The picture is that of the Themne Jesus. A representation of our Savior to a tribe and tongue of people; can’t you almost hear them praising God in heaven?

Thanks again for contributing in prayers and support in this effort. I am humbled and honored to be here on the frontlines with you, sharing the story of God’s glory!

Keep praying!


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