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Sierra Leone 5

Well, it’s over. Actually, it’s just beginning. As the Primer Construction Institute draws to a close I am faced with the reality that the real work begins, hours and hours of video footage and hundreds upon hundreds of photos. My mind shuts down as I try and think about all that I’ve seen and experienced and translate that into what needs to get done once I get back to Tulsa. I’m still focused on trying to simply enjoy the moment and not let the gigabits and video projects deter me.

On October 28th we left Tulsa to come to Sierra Leone on the frontlines of LEI’s strategy to boost the literacy rate in this country over the next five years. In three weeks we have trained 15 participants and written 4 primers in 2 languages. Indeed, the Sierra Leone project is getting off the ground. I can’t say enough about the leadership of Rev. Gregory Bangura. He is laser focused on this mission and undeterred by any obstacle that may present itself. This project is in good hands and off to a great start. Soon Tutor Training Workshops (TTWs) will be scheduled to train teachers who will then use these primers (once finished and printed) to teach adult non-readers. Much of this work will occur through the local church. The pastor’s I have met with and talked to are all excited to have access to this new ministry tool. Not just to encourage discipleship but to encourage church planting.

There are some dangers. There is a lot of talk and unfortunately much of that talk comes with little if any action. Some here are solely focused on benefiting themselves in one way or another. As we leave, our prayer is that the zeal and excitement translates into tangible work. The beauty of all this, is that it truly depends upon Sierra Leoneans. Personally, I am confident in what God has called us to. I am convinced that this is God’s work and it is larger than any church, pastor or organization!

So I am left to pray. And edit videos, and tell stories, and show pictures, and share with everyone who wants to hear about what is going on in Sierra Leone.

Will you join us?



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