Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Blahginess!


So I got an email update about a miracle that occurred in Niger. This occurred very recently.

…a blind man, he was Muslim – guided by his son, came to church. Since [he was] 2 years old he [has been] blind and the doctors told him – after an injury – that he will never see again.
So he took his son out of school, in order to be guided by him in the streets of Niamey to beg for their living.
A member of the church had invited him several times, but the blind man sent him always away.
Now he came and heard the gospel. At the end of the service, he accepted Jesus as his saviour. Pastor prayed for him, also for his eyes. The blind man went home. After 3 days, when he washed his face as usual in the morning, he saw a light and called his wife. “Is this the sun, I can see their?” – “Yes, wow, can you see?” The man washed once more his face and could see very clearly. The whole neighbourhood and even marabous came to see this miracle. They asked, how could this happen. The man answered: Jesus healed me. He is alive! He is God.
Last Sunday he came to witness about the healing. He said: we have to believe in Jesus, and accept, what he did and what he still wants to do! Last week I could only hear you, now I can see you. Now I do not have to beg any longer, I can go to work and my son can go back to school. Praise the Lord!
What a miracle indeed! A powerful reminder, as we celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. He is alive. He is calling all people. His glory if filling the earth.



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