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The Life of Faith

I asked God to speak to me this morning in my quiet time (novel idea, I know) and he was faithful. I so much appreciate what was said that I want to pass it on, so enjoy…

The passage was Hebrews 11:8-10 and focused on the faith of Abraham. I am working my way through William Barclay’s commentary on the book (if you are not aware of this, I am a big fan of Barclay’s works and highly recommend them for study). Some observations and quotes from this passage based on Barclay’s commentary.

1. Abraham’s faith was a faith of adventure.

“Most of us live a cautious life on the principle of safety first; but, to live the Christian life, it is necessary to have a certain reckless willingness to be adventurous. If faith can see every step of the way, it is not really faith. It is sometimes necessary for Christians to take the way to which the voice of God is calling them without knowing what the consequences will be.”

2. Abraham’s faith was a faith of patience.

“At the moment of decision, there is the excitement of and the thrill; at the moment of achievement, there is the glow and glory of satisfaction; but, in the intervening time, it is necessary to have the ability to wait and work and watch when nothing seems to be happening. It is then that we are most liable to give up our hopes and lower our ideals and sink into an apathy whose dreams are dead.”

3. Abraham’s faith was a faith looking beyond this world.

“No one ever did anything great without a vision which made it possible to face the difficulties and discouragements of the way…God cannot give us the vision unless we allow him to; but, if we are patient and look to him, even in earth’s desert places he will send us the vision, and with it the toil and trouble of the way all become worth while.”

To me there is no greater force on earth than people who live on purpose and most importantly, God’s purpose. I find myself in that “intervening time” when I need to persevere and stay connected to that vision which God has called me. I even have a sound track for this time:

Where do you find yourself today? Need a vision? Need patience? Need to reconnect with what God has shown you?


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