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Just a reminder that today is the National Day of Prayer. Would you join me in praying for our nation and specifically our President and elected and appointed officials?



“Live as free men, but do not use your freedom as a cover‑up for evil; live as servants of God. Show proper respect to everyone: Love the brotherhood of believers, fear God, honor the king.” 1 Peter 2:16-17 (NIV)

I have to admit that reading the Bible is not always an easy task. Sometimes the teachings are difficult, not just to implement personally on a daily basis, but difficult to interpret or understand. BUT, most times Biblical teaching is straight forward and simple. So this morning as I read through the book of 1 Peter this passage spoke to me.

  1. Love the brotherhood of believers–this is first and foremost how can we not love the brotherhood of believers (Church) and claim to be Christians. A straight forward teaching that is not simple to live out daily.
  2. Fear God–interesting that this falls second and not first. Our devotion to God is evident in how we approach and relate to the Church.
  3. Honor the king–this exhortation is not out of a vacuum. Instead it comes in a time of persecution against the church. If this applies to first century Christians who are facing persecution what about Christians today?
For me there is a sincere conviction as I read that last part; “honor the king.” As President George Bush first came into office there was quite a movement among Christians to pray for the President everyday. My wife and I even signed up for  a daily email reminder to pray for specific things. Of course, now there is a President in office from the opposite party and I haven’t heard anything about a movement of Christians to pray for the President. In fact, most Christians speak pretty despairingly of President Obama, as if he is single handedly bringing down the entire country.
Next week is the National Day of Prayer (May 5th), traditionally a day set aside by the country to pray for our nation and our leaders. If you are like me and have been doing a really crummy job of praying for our President (and all the leaders of our country) I’d like to challenge us both to take this opportunity to begin again.
Would you recommit yourself, along with me, to honor our president by praying for him?

A Day of Infamy

Today is a day that lives on in infamy for us as Americans. The infamy of that moment 68 years ago has faded some as we have been attacked once more since that time (September 11, 2001). The invasion of Pearl Harbor was a momentous occasion. Not just because it dragged a sleeping giant off to global war, but because after that war our countries position in the world was radically altered. At the close of World War 2 we literally were the last ones standing. The only ones left to oppose the rising threat of communism. American president’s from Truman forward all defended the continued need for American engagement on a global basis. Some argued better than others, but Democrat and Republican all sought to use American influence to save the world from the evils of communism. It is no secret that communism lost that war. Certainly communism is not dead, but it has been largely tamed by the capitalist beast known as the United States.

Today is important for us to reflect back not just on the events of December 7, 1941 but for us to also reflect upon the importance of a globally engaged force of freedom and democracy. I know. I know. America is a terrible nation. Look at all the devastation and harm we are responsible for. Helping to defend freedom. Promoting democracy. Despite the many good things we have accomplished on a global scale there is a growing sense of weariness among Americans. A recent article touted the fact that Americans are returning to isolationist roots. I’m not advocating the unabashed use of American military power on a global scale. I’m more concerned that in a down economy during a time of year that everyone is focused upon feeding the materialistic needs of their closest acquaintances our stamina and resolve for global involvement and perspective are fading fast.

In 1941 most American’s were taken off guard by the impressive show of Japanese military might. The same was true in 2001 as terrorist re awoke us to the fact that there is the need for a moral and democratic movement around the world. How many more times will we have to relearn this lesson?

What can you do?

Get informed. News (particularly global news) is way to accessible nowadays. There is no excuse for any American to not know what’s going on around the world. Even in Timbuktu.

Get involved. There are so many organizations focused on harnessing American wealth, ingenuity, resources, you name it to make a positive impact on a global scale.

So hop to it skippy…and my we all remember the infamy of ignorance and indifference especially on a global scale.


Iran Election Protest

Ran across this photo in the Iran elections twitter stream. An Iranian protestor works to rescue a beaten policeman.



I’ve got some thoughts (serious ones) about Sarah Palin. My thoughts are particularly critical or supportive of her per se. I am more interested in the attention and energy that her nomination has received. Here are a couple of the more interesting points in my view:

1. A NY Times article subtly questions the ability of Palin to serve as Vice President and mom. Are you serious? Now without addressing that actual material of the article at hand I am quite astounded that this article is even printed to begin with. This is a classic example of issue reversal. What if Hillary Clinton was nominated as Vice President and she had a newborn baby with special needs? I seriously doubt that any major news organization would even dare to question the ability of her to be both a mom and a Vice President. Give the article credit as they seem to focus on the irony of social conservatives being so quick to run to Palin’s defense. The real irony lies in the fact that this is exactly the stereotype that the modern women’s movement has fought so hard to tear down. And now Democratic women are going to openly question Palin’s motherhood (womanhood) because she has chosen to run?

2. Socialy conservative Republicans have been vocal in their defense of Sarah Palin and her 17 year old daughter’s pregnancy. Here again is a classic case of issue reversal. Where Republican’s traditionally have been the party of family values (remember Dan Quayle’s fateful comments regarding the TV character Murphy Brown which would again highlight the irony of issue #1 above) they are now bending over backwards to use this issue as an example of how “normal” Palin and her family are and worthy of public support. So now teenage pregnancy is appearantly a new issue for the Republican party? 

Honestly, these are only a couple of my current thoughts about this. As I write them down and think about them more and research them I am further disheartened by the entire political process. Republicans are hypocrites when it comes to their beliefs. Democrats further the hypocrite cycle as they question and attack the Republicans on these issues. Does anyone really care that our government has grown so large and powerful? Does anyone really care that our tax codes need a serious overhaul? Is there anyone out there who REALLY is interested in solving problems like illegal immigration, energy costs, subprime mortgages? Each candidate TALKS good game, but show me the candidate, neigh the political party, who will ACT to bring change. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DEMOCRAT AND REPUBLICAN ANY MORE! They may use different words. They may argue different philosophy. But their actions are all the same.

What hope do we as humans really have? 

Stay tuned…

The Truth vs. Bureaucracy

An interesting side story to the tragic train crash in the LA area last week. According to the Wall Street Journal, the spokeswoman for Metrolink (the rail agency that manages and runs the train involved) has resigned. Why? Because she spoke the truth and spoke it too soon. It seems as though the NTSB has put some pressure on Metrolink regarding its investigation of the accident. Ms. Tyrrell, the spokeswoman at the center of the controversy, apparently spilled the beans too early confessing that the engineer had missed a red signal light warning the train to stop. I guess that government bureaucrats want their face time unfettered. According to the article:

At a Sunday evening briefing, the NTSB confirmed the Metrolink engineer ran through a red signal, which led to the collision. The engineer was killed in the accident. The safety agency is investigating reports that in the minutes before the crash, the engineer was exchanging text messages with a few teenage railroad enthusiasts nearby.

So was the NTSB simply smarting because THEY  didn’t get a chance to be the ones to break the news? Or was the actual investigation seriously jeopardized by Ms. Tyrrell’s statement? Seems to me that the cause of the accident was pretty evident as soon as it happened.