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Just a reminder that today is the National Day of Prayer. Would you join me in praying for our nation and specifically our President and elected and appointed officials?


A historical day.

Last night we went from this:

To this:

Last night we turned our backs on this:

And now we look forward to this:

I am proud to be American.


I’ve got some thoughts (serious ones) about Sarah Palin. My thoughts are particularly critical or supportive of her per se. I am more interested in the attention and energy that her nomination has received. Here are a couple of the more interesting points in my view:

1. A NY Times article subtly questions the ability of Palin to serve as Vice President and mom. Are you serious? Now without addressing that actual material of the article at hand I am quite astounded that this article is even printed to begin with. This is a classic example of issue reversal. What if Hillary Clinton was nominated as Vice President and she had a newborn baby with special needs? I seriously doubt that any major news organization would even dare to question the ability of her to be both a mom and a Vice President. Give the article credit as they seem to focus on the irony of social conservatives being so quick to run to Palin’s defense. The real irony lies in the fact that this is exactly the stereotype that the modern women’s movement has fought so hard to tear down. And now Democratic women are going to openly question Palin’s motherhood (womanhood) because she has chosen to run?

2. Socialy conservative Republicans have been vocal in their defense of Sarah Palin and her 17 year old daughter’s pregnancy. Here again is a classic case of issue reversal. Where Republican’s traditionally have been the party of family values (remember Dan Quayle’s fateful comments regarding the TV character Murphy Brown which would again highlight the irony of issue #1 above) they are now bending over backwards to use this issue as an example of how “normal” Palin and her family are and worthy of public support. So now teenage pregnancy is appearantly a new issue for the Republican party? 

Honestly, these are only a couple of my current thoughts about this. As I write them down and think about them more and research them I am further disheartened by the entire political process. Republicans are hypocrites when it comes to their beliefs. Democrats further the hypocrite cycle as they question and attack the Republicans on these issues. Does anyone really care that our government has grown so large and powerful? Does anyone really care that our tax codes need a serious overhaul? Is there anyone out there who REALLY is interested in solving problems like illegal immigration, energy costs, subprime mortgages? Each candidate TALKS good game, but show me the candidate, neigh the political party, who will ACT to bring change. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DEMOCRAT AND REPUBLICAN ANY MORE! They may use different words. They may argue different philosophy. But their actions are all the same.

What hope do we as humans really have? 

Stay tuned…