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Bad Friday

I have a memory from childhood. At this point in my life I’m not sure just how truthful the memory is, but I’m pretty sure. It seems to me that for a couple of years on Good Friday we had horrendous storms. In fact, what I remember is that the tornado sirens went off on Good Friday for a couple of years in a row. I grew up in Enid, OK so springtime storms producing tornadoes is no big news and thus it would support in theory what I am trying to recollect. If you’ve never experience such a violent storm there is one characteristic that I have recognized as an indicator of very severe storms. That is a green tinted sky. (I am not a meteorologist, but grew up watching Gary England.)

So imagine a dark green tinted day with thunder, lightening, swirling winds and the sound of tornado sirens whaling.

This is my childhood memory of Good Friday and I remember taking a strange solace in the midst of it all. It just seemed right. Violent weather on a day that commemorates the single most violent act to have ever taken place on earth. Sinful men killing God’s innocent son because we couldn’t deal with just how perfect his love is. So for me Good Friday has a memory of darkness, uneasiness, violence, destruction, you name it; pretty much anything that is not good.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What are your Good Friday recollections?


Weather related madness…

So if you didn’t know…I’m home all alone this week as my wife and daughter are out of town visiting her family. This is great because my wife has worked full-time over the last several years and just quit her job in May so that she can start back at school in the fall. So she is making up for lost time and I of course get to rule the roost for the week only responsible for the cat. Poor kitty. (I digress.)

So last night I’m in bed and at that critical point in the night where dreamland is but seconds away. And if your one of those types that is used to falling asleep with someone else in bed with you, you can appreciate just how critical falling asleep alone really is. So just as I was about to enter that magical and sometimes elusive state of sleep…the sirens go off. (You can catch some local coverage here.) So I instantly wake up and flip on the TV hoping that it’s really something I shouldn’t be worried about. In fact the storm track was going to put the alleged tornado very close if not right over my house. Not only that but because of today’s technology I knew that it would be here at exactly 12:04am. I thought about setting my alarm. But it really is hard to sleep when you can hear the blaring of warning sirens from two different municipalities and the guys on TV are hyperventilating and trying to keep track of all their radars and storm spotters and what not.

Needless to say I made it. The house made it. Even the kitty made it. How do you cope when the weather turns nasty? How about when your by yourself?